What to expect first time

Irene is very knowledgeable and kind. This was my first experience with acupuncture and could not have asked for a better person. I would highly recommend Irene and will be returning to her in the future.

Pain and inflammation

I’ve been to Irene Silvernail several times. This is my first experience with acupuncture and I didn’t know what to expect. It’s been very effective for inflammation and pain I’ve had for quite some time. Irene always has amazing advice about other ways to live a healthy lifestyle with nutrition and supplements. I highly recommend her services. She’s also a

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Chronic back pain and weight loss

Jenny Strauch

I’m a huge skeptic and don’t recommend many things. Let me tell you that I’m so incredibly happy I got desperate enough to try acupuncture. I’m truly amazed and have become an advocate for natural healing. We need to rethink about how we take care of our health. We need to combine modern and

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Leg Cramps

5 Stars I came to Irene Silvernail to get help with severe nocturnal leg cramps. Through acupuncture and recommendations to increase my magnesium absorption, I now have no leg cramping. Irene is perceptive, well trained, an excellent listener and gatherer of details which she turns into a treatment plan for each individual. Irene has the ability to determine appropriate alternate... Read more »